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Each  gram contains:

Albendazole   I.P        150 mg


A broad Spectrum anthelmintic for effective treatment and control of adults and Larval stages of gastrointestinal and Pulmonary Nematodes, Cestodes and Trematodes and fluke infestations in animals.

This product can be used for all range of animals in Poultry/Sheep & Goat/Cattle, Buffalo/Horses, Camel etc.


Suspend the required quantity of Warmisal power in worm water and drench or mix with food, milk or electuary.


Sheep & Goat : 2.5 to5 mg/kg Body Weight.

Dogs & Cats   : 10 mg/kg Body Weight

Cattle &Buffaloes:2.5 mg/kg Body Weight

Horses ,Camels &Pigs :10 mg/kg Body Weight.

Withdrawal Period: (After deworming)

Milk: 3 days

Slaughter: 14 days in cattle and 10 days in sheep.

Pack:150 gms,300 gms

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