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Each 100 gms Contains:
Chlortetracycline Hcl I.P (Vet)          5.5 gm


For CRD: 1 level teaspoon/10 ltr of water or 2 to 4 level teaspoon/10 ltr of water. or 2 teaspoon /10 ltr .Starting chicks Or pullets for reduction of early mortality from above diseases.

Sheep: 1 level tea spoon/10 ltr of water Or 4 level of tea spoon in 10 ltr of water.


Poultry: Chronic respiratory diseases (CRD)

Or air Sac diseases) Infectious Sinusitis, Blue

Comb (Mud fever, pullet diseases, or nonspecific Enteritis)

Warning: To be sold by the retail on the prescription of a registered veterinarian only.

Pack:100 gms

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