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Each gram contains:

Furaltadone     -200 mg

Furaltadone as Furaltadone Hydrochloride



Birds under 2 weeks of age: 1/2gram per liter of drinking water for 10 days.

Birds above 2 weeks of age: 1gram per liter of drinking water for 10 days.

(For coccidiosis and blockhead, use for 7 days only.)



It is antibacterial broad spectrum water soluble to prevent early chick mortality.

It controls all the respiratory infections like CRD bronchitis, laryngotarcheitis,

It controls the salmonellosis and coliform infection in poultry.

It controls black headed ,caecal coccidiosis.

CAUTION:  Observe reduced dosage for young chicks


Pack: 100 gms

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