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Each  gm contains:

Neomycin Sulphate I.P

Equivalent to Neomycin                                100 mg

Doxycycline Hydrocloride I.P                         100 mg

Equivalent to Doxycycline

Excipients                                           q.s


Poultry:  Prevention : 1 gm  in 10  lit of drinking water

Mortality :for 3-4 days for 200 chicks .Repeat

dose after 4 th week

In severe Infections: 1 gm in 5 lit of water for 4-5 days

Cattle,Horse ,Pigs,Sheep & Goats: 10 to 20 mg  /kg body weight

For 3-5 days or till infection subsides..



Poultry:For treatment of mixed infections specially complicated CRD,Nonspecific diarrhoeas,Blue comb,Mud Fever,Fowl chlorea,Coli Speticemia,Pullorum diseases,secondary bacterial infections by gram positive and gram negative.

N.D.C Forte may be given in drinking water ,

Feed or as an electuary for a period of 5 days

Pack:50 gms,100 gms,250 gms,500 gms.

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