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Each ml Contain

Piperazine Hexahydrate IP-610 mg


Piperazine Hexahydrate liquid is a completely safe and effective oral medication for the removal of round worms (Ascaris) in poultry and livestock

And livestock and also for the removal of nodular worms in swine pinworms and certain strongly worms in house.


For Poultry: 4-6 weeks: 25ml/100 birds in 3-5 ltr of drinking water.

6 weeks &Above-40 ml or 100 birds in 5-9 ltr of drinking water.

Claves: 5-10ml per 20 kg body wt per month.

Cattle & Horses: 10 to 20 ml/30 kg body wt.

Sheep & Goat: 5 ml /10 kg body wt.

Dogs & Cats: 2 to 5ml/10 kg body wt. or directed by the veterinarian.

Keep in a cool place

Protect from direct sunlight.


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