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(Sulphamethoxazole & Trimethoprim Vet Oral Powder) Anti Bacterial  Powder (Vet) Each gm contains:

Trimethoprim B.P (Vet )        2% w/w

Sulphadiazine B.P (Vet)                     10%w/w


Poultry: 1 to 2 gm per lit of drinking water

Dogs & Cats: 0.125 gms per kg bd.wt twice a day

Cattle,Horse ,Pigs,Sheep & Goats: 2.5gm  /10kg body weight.


Poultry:Infection Coryza,Enteritis,Bacillary white diarrhoea,

Blue comb,coccidiosis with mixed infections,Spetcaemia collibacillsosis, Salmonellasis,fowl cholera,earlychick mortality,secondary bacterial infections Associated with viralinfections. Sheep & Goat:Respiratory infections,Haemorrhagia septicaemia pneumonia in lambs ,entertitis,secondary infeections in viral forms. Septrovin may be given in drinking water, Feed or as an electuary for a period of 5 days

Pack:100 gms,500 gms,1 kg

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