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Each gram contains:

Neomycin Sulphate I.P                       50 mg

Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride I.P    50 mg

Excipients                                           q.s


Poultry, E.coli, Coryza, Flow Cholera

CRD, BWD, Early chick mortality

Synovitis and other microbial infection.


Large Animals: RI, GI, UTI of gram positive &

Gram negative origin, including certain fungi &

Protozoan infections.



Poultry:  Day old chicks to 2 weeks   -1 gm in 5 lit

Pullet /Broilers                    -1 gm in 3 lit

Layers                                  -1 gm in 2.5 lit



Prevention:Double the quantity of Neoxin in water

Fish,shrimp & prawn:250 gms/acre.

Large animals:20-40 mg/kg body wt.

Or as directed by the veterinarian.


Pack:50 gms,100 gms,500 gms

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