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Each ml Contains:

Enrofloxacin               100 mg.

Aqueous Base             Q.S

Dosage and Administration:

For Prevention Purpose: 2.5- 5 mg/kg body wt.

(1 ml solution in 4-8 liters of water.)

For Curative Purpose:

10 mg/kg bd wt .( 1 ml of solution in 2 ltr of water )


Large Animals:2-3 ml for 30 kg body wt.


Sheep & Goat:2ml/25 kg body wt for 3-5 days

or as directed by veterinarian.



GI tract such as diarrhea,Entertitis

Colibacillosis,upper respiratory tarct such as pneumonia.

Acute & chronic mastitis retained palcenta,secondary infections

Associated with viral infections CRD,Fowl cholera,infection coryza.

Pack:100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml,1 ltr

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