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Each Gm Contains
Sulphachlorpyridiazine Sodium-100 mg
Trimethoprim IP-20 mg
It is suitable for the control and treatment of bacterial
and stress related infections in sheep,claves and Poultry.
Sheep:In all bacterial and protozoal infections involving
respiratory and digestive sysytem,bronchopneumonia
and entero
Calves:Diarrhoea Gastroenteritis,Collsepticaemia,Calf
diptheria,Navel ill and Bronchopneumonia.
Poultry:CR Complex,Infectious Coryza,Coliform Specification
Necrotic enterisis and Staphylococcal Infections.
Guide dosage: for all species of animals :200 mg per kg bd wt per day.
Sheep :200 mg per kg bd wt per day,to be given orally by mixing in water.
Calves:Daily dose of 10 mg per 50 kg bd wt for 5 days as a drench or mixed
In is advised to give half dose 5 mg per 50 kg bd wt in the morning
and half dose 5 mg per 50 kg b wt in the evening.
Poultry:This powder is aministered by mixing into the drinking
water or feed for 3 to 6 days.
Pack:100 gms


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