Product Details

Each 21 gm Contains:
Malt Extract  4.52 g,Calcium Gluconate  -360 mg,
Ferric Ammonium Citrate  300 mg
(Equivalent to 64.5 mg of ferric),
Copper Sulphate-100 mg,Cobalt Chloride-1.5 mg
Cholecacferol(Vitamin-D3)-3600 IU,
Niacinamide-45 mg,Biotin-75 mg,Folic Acid-1.5 mg,
Vitamin-B12-15 mg,Colour-Caramel,
Flavoured base: Q.s
Malt based vitamins Iron ,Copper & Calcium Supplement
for Poultry and Live stock.
Poultry:Layers & Broilers:20 gm/100 birds daily.
Cattle,Buffalo and Horses:30-5- gms daily Claves
Sheep & Goat:10-50 gms daily.
Pack:375 gms,1 kg,5 kg

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