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Each 10 ml Conatins
Ferrous Gluconate  -107 mg
Calcium Lactate  -100 mg,
Choline Chloride-2000 mg,
Liver Extarct-130 mg,Yeast Extract-50 mg,
D.Panthanol-2.5 mg,DL Methionine-22 mg
Peptone-100 mg,Vitamin-B1-2.5 mg
Vitamin B12-0.08 mcg,Niacinamide-25 mg,
Repairs and restores liver function,Stimulates &
 Improves Appetite,Improves FCR,Power full
 Anti stress Formulae,Stimulates growth.
Cattle  & Buffalo:50 ml twice daily
Calves:25 ml twice daily
Sheep & Goat :10 to 15 ml aily
Poultry for 100 birds
Growers & Broliers:20 ml twice daily
Chicks:10 ml twice daily
Layers:50 ml twice daily.
Pack:5 ltr,1ltr,500 ml

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