Product Details

Each 10 ml Contains:
1.25 mg of Liver Fraction (Soluble Liver Fraction
from 31.25 mg of fresh liver) with Vit B12 activity
eqt to 7.5 mcg of cyanocobalamine,
yeast Extract 0.4 gm ,
Niacinamide -24 mg ,Propylene Glycol-2%
Recommended to use after deworming,Stimulates
 liver functionActs as antistress formulae,Corrects non
 specific anorexia,Treats degenerative liver diseases
 like jaunice,hepatatis,fatty liver cirrhosis etc.
Protects liver from cumulative and acute poisoning
Stimulates feed intake.
For Sheep & Goat:5-10 ml daily
Poultry: Broliers:10-20 ml daily for 100 birds
Layers:20ml/100 birds for 7 days during 16th-18 th week of age.
20ml/100 ml for 7 days during 32nd-34 th week of age.
Pack:5 ltr,1ltr,500 ml

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